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We are girls, we love gutter-talk, our heads are in the gutter an awful lot of the time, and we don't mind guys coming in to join in the gutter talk--so, come on in! The gutter is fine! :D

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Welcome to "The Gutter Girls!"

We like our little group here. And while it is technically The Gutter Girls, we have Gutter Guys here too.

So, if your mind is often in the gutter, rarely in the gutter, are curious about the gutter, love Cheez Whiz, hate the Whiz (what's wrong with ya!?), or otherwise are curious and in a bendy frame of mind, we won't discriminate. We love all of our gutter people, and there's always room for more.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: I AM GOING TO ASK THAT FOLKS LEAVE POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS ARTICLES OUT OF THIS GROUP. I hate to do this, but I'm sick and tired of seeing articles that get plenty of traffic elsewhere clipped/posted to this group. It is sucking all the fun out of this group--at least for me, and since it is my group, the sinners (and you know who you are) either can not clip them here or create your own group where you can post them. I am not a religious person, but I am extremely tolerant of religion. I simply do not wish to see these articles on my group.

So, welcome one and all--and please keep the articles fun and lighthearted--as was the original intent of this group.

Finally, be sure to request membership--I don't deny membership to anyone based on weirdness or other things.

All our love,
Lucy, President and Dictator for Life
"The Gutter Girls"